menswearunisex conceptualized at ho(m)e // including unique upcycled garments from repurposed clothing and materials // pedestrian luxury clothing and accessories // by Ryan Morar

JETPACK hom(m)e unisex clothing line has a menswear focus and fit, that takes a spin on classic menswear shapes. Pieces include unique up-cycled garments from repurposed clothing and materials, and branded as a "pedestrian luxury" clothing line by its use of these recycled materials (not meaning "pedestrian"; a walking person).  The option (m) refers to the brand's intention to be unisex (homme french meaning for "man"), along with collections being made and conceptualized at home. 

The concepts behind the Spring/Summer 2017 collection stemmed from works by mixed media artist, Mike Kelley. Pieces such as "More love hours than can ever be repaid.." and many other works used thrifted stuffed animals, crocheted blankets, and dolls that have irregularities due to being handmade items that were at one time personally made by loved ones as gifts. The items represent all the time and love put in to make each, but is devalued when seen for irregularities in construction and in the context of a thrift store. When portrayed in different context, the items have a different value than they had been previously associated with. This thought process lays the foundation for the approach to the 1st collection, SS17, and the overall aesthetic of JETPACK hom(m)e.

The SS17 collection toys with the idea of reversibility and breaking the directional association of how one should wear clothing by uncommon and unusual placements of labels, embroidery, and hidden/exposed seams throughout the collection.