Press Requests/Stylist-Pulls

send email to one@jetpackhomme.com

Must show proper Identification along with card/payment to be held.

There is a $25 flat rate required for cleaning with each pull.

A Stylist-pull daily rate of 1.5% of the retail price on each item borrowed may be requested.  ( "retail value" X 0.015 = $ rate/day )

A deposit of 1/3 of the retail value on each item will be held and the daily rate will be deducted from this deposit; remaining balance of deposit will be returned upon return of items borrowed.

JETPACK hom(m)e must be FULLY credited in all posts/images/publications the items are used in:  @jetpackhomme and #jetpackhomme (for all Social Media posts) AND "JETPACK hom(m)e" where applicable in print/online publications/etc.

Items loaned must be returned in the same condition as initially borrowed.  Damage and additional Cleaning and Fees will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and fee must be fulfilled by responsible party.  Checks are not accepted.  Failure to comply in these circumstances may lead to legal action.

Please Kindly respect and take care with all items loaned...all are handmade with much care.  Thank you !

What does JETPACK hom(m)e mean(s)?

JETPACK hom(m)e is a play on words.  "Homme" means Man in French; the clothing aesthetic has root in classic "menswear" shapes and fits. "Hom(m)e", with the option of (M) references the brand's unisex intent.  "JETPACK home", is a playful reference to going back to one's home, with the means of transportation being a Jetpack.  "Home", is the place where the ideas and concepts are developed, as well as being the atelier to experiment and create the clothing/accessories/textiles for the brand.  "Homme" has been a common surname to brands to distinguish a menswear line.

When was JETPACK hom(m)e launched?

April 2016.  First collection was released for Spring/Summer 2017 season.

How do I order wholesale?

If you are a store/retailer, please contact for more information on wholesale ordering at one@jetpackhomme.com  (Wholesale ordering is not available for retail customers)

Special Requests/Custom Orders

send email to one@jetpackhomme.com


Thank you !!